Cottage Living's 2007 Idea Home in New Orleans is system's built excellence's 2007 Idea Home is a systems built home in New Orleans that is designed to bring honor to the city's rich heritage while inspiring a casual lifestyle.

This home represents how modern building techniques blend with history to create not only beautiful and architecturally accurate homes, but also homes which are safer and can stand up to extreme weather. As New Orleans and the gulf coast continue to rebuild after Hurrican Katrina's devastation, more builders are turning to systems built homes as a studier alternative to traditional stick-built homes.

Systems built homes are built in factories and use building methods which make them more hurricane proof. These homes can withstand higher winds, such as those experiences during a hurricane, and remain intact. This makes them a logical and smart choice for New Orleans and gulf coast rebuilding.

Many homeowners are indeed turning to systems built houses as they rebuild. There has been much press attention to this fact in the gulf coast area. Many of these houses featured in the news stories are smaller homes and "cookie cutter" homes. This works for many families who are rebuilding, but what about the homeowners who are rebuilding more expensive, custom, and historic homes?

Fortunately, the advantages and strength of systems build homes are available to these homeowners also. Factories can also use their superior building practices to product fully custom homes of any size and specifications. The Cottage Living Idea Home for 2007 is a prime example of this. The home fits perfectly in it's context, yet offers all the advantages of being "systems built."

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