Clark Howard - Channel 2 Action News of Atlanta

Comments From Clark's Show Notes:

Feb 22, 2007 -- Factory-built homes a success for some
Clark has felt very strongly that Americans could build better, more efficient housing if we build these homes in factories instead of on site. There is enormous waste, theft and inconsistency when homes are built on site. Making homes in factories is a much smarter way to do it. However, the idea has not caught on in areas of the United States outside a small pocket of the Northeast. Evidence of that was shown recently when Pulte Homes has to close the special factory it built to manufacture factory-built homes. The plant was designed to build 1800 a year, but only 1000 total homes were built. Still, the construction took less time and the buyers were happier. One small and surprising group has made factory-built homes work to their advantage. A group of Amish residents have been building factory-designed homes in their factory in suburban Washington D.C. for several years now. The homes they build are in such demand that there is a two-year waiting list for them. The homes are much less expensive to build and are as well-built as you can get. Construction of the homes costs $50 a foot, whereas homes built on site cost a couple hundred a foot. One buyer got a complete home for $90,000 in just five weeks. In addition, there are no contracts. A handshake in person is all that is required.

Feb 05, 2007 -- Factory-built homes vs. site-built homes
Clark gets comments regularly from people who feel strongly one way or the other about factory-built homes and site-built homes. Clark is a big fan of factory-designed homes, which are custom designed and erected in a factory before being shipped to the site. Builders often take issue with his stance on factory-built homes. They say he discredits site-built homes when he talks so favorably about factory-designed homes. But they are pretty neat. Clark saw a story in the Financial Times of London about one factory-built home that is much more interesting looking than anything that can be built on site. Other organizations include: Dwell Magazine, As of now, these homes are equally or more expensive than site-built homes. But soon they will be less. In addition, they take a lot less time to build and are built much more tightly and consistently in a factory. So, Clark is standing his ground on this one. By the way, if you’re thinking about doing this, you want to build a home on land you already own, particularly in a rural area.


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